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What is Laserforce


This is a place where laser beams, pierce the air in a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of Star Wars. A place where fantasy meets reality, where players can be the space hero they’ve always wanted to be, in a safe environment.


Wearing illuminated Battle Vests and armed with Phasers, players strive to score as many points as possible by zapping arena targets, the arena guardian and opponent players in Leicester's own multi-level Si-Fi themed maze.


Laserforce is an advanced computer controlled laser game system, offers a great time for all participants, irrespective of age or experience

The Battle Suit

The Laserforce Battle-suit is made from a light but highly durable mesh that 'breathes' allowing air to circulate through it.  It is styled with a florescent material which glows brightly when exposed to UV black light, producing a sci-fi appearance.  Adjustable side straps allow players of all sizes to be comfortable, and only weighing 3.2kg, even small children can play.

The shoulder pads provide feedback to the player with crystal clear digital speech, music and sound effects, so the player is always aware of what is happening during the game  

Battle suits can change colour allowing multi team games and additional mission options plus all round IR transmitters that assist in targeting opposition players.

The Phaser

The Laserforce Phaser has been designed to survive the toughest environments.  It is injection moulded in poly carbonate and is extremely strong.  Safety features include a soft rubber nose and enforced two handed firing, making sure that the players keep the phaser close to their body and abuse lockout feature.

The Phaser contains six hit sensors and four large LEDs providing 360 degree visibility and hitability, so even if only a player's phaser can be seen , they can still be identified and zapped.

The front feature button can be used to select and activate mission features.


The Score Screen

The fully animated score screen provides not just the players scores but lots of additional information including accuracy, achievements and special features.

During the mission the score screen provides a running commentary for watching spectators so that they can also feel part of the fun.



The Member’s Kiosk

The member’ kiosk allows members to look up their playing history, scores and achievements . These details are also available on the Member’s web page.


Additional details about membership are available on the here



The Arena

Laserforce missions are carried out in the multi level themed arenas

The arenas also contain special passive targets that reward players with features and points, plus interactive targets that can assist or shoot back at players.


Leicester Stargate Arena,  Devonshire Rd, Leicester LE4 0BF   

                                    01162 516 778

Peterborough Space Station Arena,  Brook St, Peterborough PE1 1TU

                                     01733 894549