Laserforce Peterborough

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LASERFORCE is the place for high energy exciting Laser game parties for boys and girls of all ages.


A place where laser beams pierce the air in a pyrotechnic display reminiscent of Star Wars. Where fantasy and computer games meets reality and players can be the space hero they’ve always wanted to be in a safe environment.


Players wearing illuminated Battle Vests and armed with Phasers strive to score as many points as possible by zapping arena targets, the Guardian and opponent players in a multi-level Sci-Fi themed maze.


On arrival groups are briefed by a Games Marshal who also oversees the games to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all players. Parties only share the arena with similar age and profile groups, although parents and siblings can also play.


2 & 3 game party packages are available including refreshments but advance booking is required.


Laserforce Peterborough

Brook St Peterborough  PE1 1TU


01733 894549


Click here for briefing video