This is a fun mission to play.  Tag.jpg Players play as individuals. 

When the mission begins, a number of players are selected at random by the computer to be 'IT'.

The more players in the mission the more players will be selected to be 'IT'. 

They will hear a normal hit sound and be deactivated for four seconds.

When they are reactivated their lights will flash quickly and brightly to distinguish them from the other players whose lights will be dim. 

Their goal is to tag another player and make them 'IT'.  They do this by missiling them.

Only players who are not already 'IT' can be tagged.

The goal is to score points by shooting the player who is 'IT' and to avoid being tagged.

Once a player is tagged they are deactivated for four seconds.  The player who tagged them then returns to normal mode.

While tagged a player cannot fire normal shots, just missiles.

While tagged a player is never deactivated.  The tagged player loses points each time they are zapped.

If a player remains tagged for too long the computer will make someone else 'IT' at random.  But this incurs a substantial points penalty.

Destroying the targets gives the player rapid fire but obtaining rapid fire becomes harder each time.

Direct tag backs are not permitted.

The Navigator/Guardian/Warbot and Beacons are not active.

Mission Length: 8 minutes

Skill Levels: All players play at the same level.




Zap tagged player


Get tagged


Get zapped while tagged


Tagged timeout penalty


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