Predator is a highly advanced game hunter that will stop at nothing to claim its trophy's. It has lured a squad of Marines on to an abandoned spaceship so that the hunt may begin. Only one species will leave the ship alone will it be yours.


Players will be either a Predator or one of the Marines.

The Predator will work alone to defeat all the Marines.


The Navigator and the targets are inactive during the mission.

Skill levels do not affect the game in any way.


Hunt Instruction:

    The Predator starts with 40 Lives. Each time the Predator is zapped it will loose one of its lives, however whilst the predator is inactive then the lives will regenerate at a rate of one life per 3 seconds.

    If the Predator is reduced to zero lives the marines win.

    The Predator will only be deactivate when it has no lives left.

    The Predator is equipped with a cloaking device that enables it to deactivate its visible lights (hold down triggers for 2 seconds).

    The Predator is armed with a energy weapon and can use missiles whilst cloaked   The missiles take two lives from a marine.

    The Marines will have 10 lives.

    The Marines are only armed with a single shot assault riffle and nothing else.

    When the Marines are zapped they are deactivated for 6 Seconds, but can be zapped by the Predator after 3 seconds if auto reset is used.

    Marines are permitted to follow at their peril


Hunt Duration: 10 Minutes



Predator deactivates a marine 100pts
Marines Zaps Predator   100pts
Marine eliminates predator 100pts


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