A minimum of 15 players play as individuals and zap, missile and nuke all other players in the arena.

Players have unlimited shots and unlimited lives, thus it is not possible for players to be eliminated from the mission prior to the scheduled mission end time.

When zapped, a player is deactivated for 2 seconds.  During this time, the player's phaser is inactive, but the player can still be zapped, so seeking a safe hiding place is necessary.  At the end of this down time, the player is reactivated and may return to the action.

A high level player may need to zap  a low level player up to 4 times before they are deactivated and high level players are more vulnerable to being zapped while deactivated.  After deactivating an opponent a player cannot zap the same opponent again unless either the opponent reactivates or the player zaps some one else.

Bonus points are awarded for destroying targets.  To destroy a target, the player must zap it three times in a row without interruption.

The Navigator/Guardian is considered neutral and may be zapped for bonus points but beware, he will fire back.  The Navigator/Guardian cannot be missiled.

When a player zaps the Navigator/Guardian he may become that player's servant. This is a random effect, both in frequency and duration, however during this time, he will not zap it's master, and any points or special points scored by the him are awarded to the controlling player.  Each player can only control the Navigator/Guardian once during a mission.

Manic Missions are a non standard game and therefore has no effect on skill levels.

Zapping other players and destroying the targets accumulates special points (see below). 20 Special points are required to detonate a Nuke




Special Points

Zap opponent



Zap Warbot



Missile opponent



Destroy Target



Detonate Nuke



Take control of Navigator



Scoring Time:    10 minutes

Skill levels:    The standard skill levels are implemented with regards to handicapping and scoring.

Manic Special Abilities:    All players can qualify for all Special Abilities by gaining special points during the game.


Special Points


Rapid Fire

Player have rapid fire at all times.



If you zap 5 players in a row, without being hit yourself, then you become invulnerable for 10 seconds.  During this time you cannot be deactivated, although players can still score points from you.



Missiles give you many more points.  Stay locked onto a player until you here  the 3rd high pitch tone and let off a missile.



Nukes deactivate every player in the arena, no matter where they are. Press the feature button for 2 seconds to launch a nuke and then remain activated for another 3 seconds until the nuke detonates.

Reset & Payback

Not available