'There can be only one'




Players are Immortals struggling to eliminate all opponents and claim the prize as the last player remaining.


Players have unlimited shots and unlimited missiles.


At the start of the mission, both shots and missiles fire very slowly. 

As the mission progresses however, the shot and missile speed increases until it reaches a maximum at the climax of the mission.


Zapping players will build up special points, but the only way to eliminate an opponent is to missile them. 

When a player is removed from a mission in this manner, their score and special points are awarded to the player that eliminated them.


Destroying the in-field targets also awards special points.  Special points can be used to activate the following special abilities:


Reset:  Allows a player to missile or shoot an opponent who they have just zapped.  To activate, press the feature button whilst activated. 

This costs 10sp initially, but drops to 5sp towards end of mission.


Shield:  Provides temporary protection from missiles.  To activate, press the feature button and lasts until player is reactivated or 10 seconds has passes. 

This Costs 5sp initially and increases to 30sp towards the end of the mission.


As the mission progresses the down time increases slightly and Players also become more vulnerable to being zapped while they are down. 


Near the end of the mission it is possible to zap a player repeatedly while they are down without needing to use resets and the missiles also become so quick that it can become difficult to zap an opponent with normal shots. 


The mission will automatically end when the time limit has expired or only one player remains.


The Navigator, Guardian, Warbot and Beacons are not active.

Game Length:  15 minutes

Skill Levels:  All players play at the same level.




Special Points

Zap opponent



Missile opponent

500 + opponent's score

2 + opponent's sp

Destroy Target