Wrongly convicted of a crime, one or two Fugitives scramble to escape the pursuit of a large group of Federal Marshals intent on their recapture.

Each Marshal has a limited number of lives. The Fugitive (s) have significantly more lives than the Marshals, however they are out numbered, Each time a Marshal or Fugitive is deactivated, a life is lost.  When all their lives are lost , they are eliminated from the game.   The Marshals goal is to eliminate the fugitives, while the Fugitive wants to avoid capture and eliminate the marshals.

Destroying the in-field targets awards bonus lives, and it is recommended that this is done early to avoid elimination.

Typically an experienced player is chosen as the Fugitive.  All the other players become the Marshals.  The Fugitives enters the arena prior to the mission start (to take up a strategic position). The Marshals wait in the armoury until the mission begins.

Players must actively search out their opponents.  If a player fails to do so, their battlesuit will warn them by saying "Warning time low".   If they do not find an opponent within a short period (about 12 seconds), the battlesuit will then say "Warning, time critical".  If a further 12 seconds passes without them finding an opponent, they will be deactivated and a life will be lost.

The number of lives a player starts off with is determined by a complex algorithm that takes the skill levels of all the Fugitives andMmarshals into account.

Fugitives have the only special ability available, the Payback, which costs them 10 special points to activate.

  • Level 3 and higher can zap their own team members.  This is a bad decision and will result in deactivation and the loss of one life.
  • Toward the end of the mission , it may be possible to repeatedly zap opponents without them ever reactivating.
  • Players will receive low or critical life messages when they have less than 10 or 5 lives respectively.
  • All the in-field targets are considered neutral.
  • All players are deactivated by a single shot.
  • The Navigator/Guardian is not active.

Mission Length: 10 minutes

Skill Levels: The number of lives each player starts with depends on that players standard skill level.




Special Points (Fugitives only)

Zap opponent



Zap own team member



Destroy target



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