In Basic CTF each team base also acts as their flag.  They must try to defend their flag from the enemy, while also trying to capture the 'enemy' flag.

In Multi Team CTF, you can also capture flags from a number of bases and steal opponent flags from other team members carrying flags.

In Neutral team CTF you can only capture the flag from the neutral base, but you can also steal the flag from opponent players carrying the flag.


To capture the enemy flag, you must:

1.    Zap an enemy base three times.  This picks up the flag and your battlesuit lights will lock on to show that you are carrying the enemy flag.

2.    Return to your base without being zapped.

3.    Zap your own base three times.  This will capture the enemy flag and your whole team will receive 100 point each..

To stop an opponent who is carrying your flag, simply zap them and your flag will be automatically returned to your base.

In multi team or neutral CTF,  You can steal flags from other teams members by zapping them when they have the flags.  You can not steal your own flag.

You can only deposit the enemy flag at your base (capture it) if your flag is at base.  If the enemy has your flag, then it's a stand off and your team must try to zap the enemy flag carrier, so your flag will be returned to base.

When a player is zapped they are deactivated for 6 seconds, however they can be zapped again by any player after 5 seconds although this will not extend the deactivated period.

Players are definitely not allowed to chase players, even when they are deactivated. 

Players are not allowed to block or obstruct passageways or Targets (Bases)

Mission Time:    15 minutes

Skill Levels:    All players play at the same skill level. There are no special abilities.

The Navigator/Guardian does not participate in the game.

Infield targets are not active.




Zap opponent


Zap own team

-1 + self deactivation

Return own flag


Capture flag

100 points for all team members

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