The BORG have entered your space station, resistance is futile, your only hope is that backup will arrive before the BORG assimilate all the Trekkies

The Trekkies will start inside the arena and prepare to repel the BORG intruder. The BORG will start in the armoury.

Trekkies will start with a minimum of 6 lives, each time they are zapped they will lose one life, when all their lives are lost Trekkies will change colour and be assimulated into the BORG collective.

Trekkies are issued with one medical kit. This medical kits can ony be used one by a Trekkie to fully replenish their lives, but should be used wisely.

BORG are de-activated each time they are zapped, but have unlimited lives, so cannot be eliminated from the game

If all the Trekkies are assimilated into the BORG collective then the BORG win, however if the BORG fail to assimilate all the Trekkies within 15 minutes then the remaining Trekkies win,  If all the trekkies are assimulated then the winner of the game is the last trekkie to be assimulated, irrespective of score.

Any Trekkie or BORG who zapp more than 5 of their own team will be eliminated from their own team.

The Targets and Navigator/Guardian are not active during this mission






Zap opponent




Zap own team member


- 100

If you zap your own team they will lose lives, you will lose points

Remember, points are not important, survival is all that really matters