A SWAT. team has the task of expelling a team of villains from the arena, however the Villains are going to resist.

The Villains and SWAT teams will wait at their designated start positions until the mission begins.

Each player has 50 lives at the start of the mission. Each time they are deactivated, a life is lost.

When all of their lives are gone, they are eliminated from the game. The goal is to eliminate the other team before your team is eliminated.

Players must actively search out their opponents. If a player fails to do so, after 1 minute the battle-suit will give them a low time warning. If they do not zap an opponent within about twelve seconds the battle-suit will give them a time critical warning. If a further twelve seconds passes without them zapping an opponent, they will be deactivated and a life will be lost. Thus, players must continuously search out the enemy or they are penalised.

ABSOLUTELY NO FOLLOWING IS PERMITTED. Players they must be permitted to escape when they are deactivated.

Player zapping their own team will be deactivated and will lose one life.

All Arena Devices are inactive

All players play at the same skill level





Zap opponent


Zap own team member



The mission will end when one team is eliminated.

Game Time : 30 mins