This is a frantic fast moving fight to the death of at least 15 individual players!!

The objective is simple , eliminate as many as the other players from the arena in the time allowed.  The winning player is the highest scoring Gladiator still active in the arena at the end of the contest.

All players start with 16 lives.  When zapped, a player is deactivated and a life is lost.

When players have 10 lives or less they a receive a 'Low Lives' warning.  When below 5 lives the a player receives a 'Lives Critical' warning.  When all lives have been exhausted, it's 'Game Over' and the player is eliminated from the contest.  Additional lives can be gained  by zapping opponents at a rate of 0.25 per player.  targets do not give extra lives.

Players will obtain rapid fire each time they shoot a single opponent.

Scoring Time:  10 minutes


Level Initial Lives Allocated Additional Lives Available
Destroying Targets Zapping Opponents
Recruit 16 0 0.25
Gunner 16 0 0.25
Trooper 16 0 0.25
Captain 16 0 0.25
Starlord 16 0 0.25
Lasermaster 16 0 0.25



All enemy targets are worth 1001 points.  All opponents are worth 100 points.

Please Note:    Any players found playing as partners or team will be deactivated and disqualified from the contest.

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