Your role is to be the hunter, zap an opponent and then close in for the kill

But be careful you do not become the HUNTED!!!


You are armed with a target rifle, the shot speed is very slow (one shot per second) and there is no lock on tone, but you can zap a player up to three time in a row, even when they have been deactivated.

Players can be zapped at all times but are only deactivated for a maximum of five seconds.  Being zapped whilst deactivated does not extend the deactivation time.

There is a delay between when you zap an opponent and when they are deactivated (about 0.5 seconds), during this time your opponent can zap back.

You can only zap the same player three times in a row before you must reset your phaser by zapping another player or target.

Zap the bases and targets three times in a row to destroy them and gain bonus points.

The Navigator/Warbot/Guardian and Beacons are not active.

Mission Time is 10 minutes.

All players play at the same skill level.




Zap opponent


Zap own team member


Get zapped


Destroy Targets