At the start of the mission players will be allocated a team colour

Each player starts with 3 lives; players can gain lives by zapping players in the other teams


Each time you are shot you will lose a life, if you run out of lives you have been conquered

and will change colour and join the team of the last person to zap you


Players can change team numerous times during the mission.


When only one colour remains then that team has conquered the arena and wins that round.

The computer will then randomly reallocate players to new teams and the mission restarts.


There are 3 levels of player in the mission;

The higher ranked players have additional handicaps as per the chart below;


Mission level

Standard skill level


Initial / Maximum

Shoot own team

Life bonus

Per zap



4 / 5

No effect

1/2 Life



3 / 4


1/2 Life



3 / 4


lose 100 pts

1/3 Life



Players get an initial 100 pts for zapping an opponent; this increases by 30 pointís every time

you zap an opponent until you are conquered, up to

a maximum of 400 pts

Targets reward players with 650 pts + fully re-supply lives but can only be destroyed once in each mission